Two factor authentication & how to check unusual twitter activity?

Recently my Twitter account was hacked. That teaches me to use simple passwords. This account was quite old and unused for a while. When i started to use it again it got a bit more visibility and was take over. I got it recovered quite quickly, but cleaning-up takes a while.

Just a few minor tips:

  • Do not re-use passwords (this was my luck, i never do. Multi-level protection password managers help me here).
  • Check past likes you have not made yourself and look “off-beat” – do this FREQUENTLY.
  • Many services provide “recent user activity/logon” info (sometimes difficult for me, since i use VPN’s of many types with different countries as target).
  • Verify profile changes and email notifications regarding your accounts (never click on those email links, always go to the page directly to take action).
  • Change password periodically (every year, when using 2factor?).
  • Use multi factor authentication (with few trusted devices) where possible.

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